5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment!

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Whether you’re looking to invest in a wedding ring that will stand the test of time or interesting in putting your money where your bling is to resell at a later date, gold is a rational purchase! Simply put, there are so many reasons why you won’t regret brightening up your life with a timeless item of jewellery. Today we’re looking at 5 reasons why gold is a solid investment in more ways than one!

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

Jewellery Captures Memories

Jewellery is given as a sentimental gesture or as a treasured gift on a very of occasions, whether it’s wedding jewellery, a pendant given to a bridesmaid from the bride, a family heirloom passed down through generations, or as a way of commemorating a special milestone. Nothing quite captures and preserves treasured moments and special memories in the way that jewellery does. Items such as lockets even have the ability to hold photos of your loved ones close to your heart wherever you are. One look at your most precious jewels and they can instantly reignite your most favourite memories of places, people and moments in your life.

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

Investing in Gold is a Fun and Lucrative Financial Asset!

Now more than ever, we are seeing a rise in individuals of all ages keen to make their money work for them. In this digital era, entrepreneurs from as young as 18 are turning their attention to investing in everything from stocks to property and more, in a bid to secure financial freedom for life. While there is no guarantee that any one form of investment will make you rich, gold is certainly far less risky than most. Buying a piece of fine jewellery is one of the most attainable way of biting into a piece of the gold pie. Although it might take time for you to see a return on your investment, it can be a fun way for you to own and wear a piece of luxury jewellery until you decide to sell it on or pass it on for a loved one to gain from. In case you’re wondering, the price of gold is set to increase dramatically within the next 7 years. Experts predict that the cost of gold in 2023 will reach $3000 per ounce and will go up to $8730 by 2030!

To quote Carrie Bradshaw: “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet!”

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

Antique Jewellery Often Has a Story Behind It

One of the most fascinating aspects of antique gold jewels is that despite its shiny appearance, it’s probably far older than you’d expect. If you’re buying pre-loved gold, there’s a good chance that the heirloom has a whole history from before it found its way to you. Don’t let this put you off! There’s a lot of superstition surrounding famous gemstones and jewels in history that were said to be tragic, including the legendary Hope Diamond, as well as others belonging to the British Royal Family. Intriguing as these stories might be, most have a much tamer history but interesting to delve into all the same. Even if you’d prefer not to pry into your jewellery’s previous ownership, then you should at least take the time to research the hallmarks to find out who made it and when. Every era has its own unique style and trends, therefore it can be interesting to gain an insight into what people were wearing in previous decades or even centuries, depending on the age of your gold.

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

Gold Jewels are Tough and Durable

When choosing any item of jewellery, it’s advisable to consider their intended use and general purpose. Real gold was made to last and it does. It’s simple to clean, easy to polish, and it will withstand regular contact with most day-to-day substances. On the other hand, with metal coatings like gold vermeil, it’s recommended that they do not come into contact with soaps, makeup products, perfume, cosmetics or exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. It’s hard to imagine what the average wedding band endured during the early to mid 20th century, during which time there were no domestic appliances for house chores and required hours of gruelling hard labour each day. Yet in most cases, the traditional solid gold rings endured each passing decade and required little maintenance other than an occasional polish to restore their shine. That’s the beauty of precious metals like gold!

5 Reasons Why Gold is a Solid Investment

Timeless and Always in Fashion

Although not all gold has been what we now call ethically-sourced, the fact that this precious metal is so durable positions it in the centre of the circular economy. People tend not to throw away their unwanted gold possessions and therefore one way or another, they get to live on and enjoyed for years to come.



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