Welcome to Quest! Quest Magazine is essentially a property, travel and lifestyle magazine however, as we’ve evolved over the last 19 years, so has our content! We’re the ultimate destination for encouraging our readers to explore, live fearlessly, embrace everyday adventure and master the art of fine living through inspirational stories and all the resources you could ever need showing you how to live your best life!

The Story of Quest Magazine

Quest Magazine was established in 2005 as a property and lifestyle magazine for expats living in different countries across Europe. The magazine was available online, as well as in print in the UK, available nationwide in WHSmiths, as well as via mail order. If you’ve ever attended a property or travel exhibition across the UK back in those days then you’ve probably seen us stood at our stand next to the likes of Conde Nast Travel, A Place in the Sun and other top travel and property companies.

In 2010 the magazine became entirely digital and members could access exclusive content, consult with our team of legal and property experts, as well as receiving special bonuses for travel experiences, wine subscriptions and recipes through our very popular “Members’ Area.” In July 2010, Quest Magazine was sold by its original owners to the second owners of Quest. Quest then became a family business run by the owners and their two daughters, originally from the UK, but living overseas. The magazine then ventured out into covering language courses, interviews with other expats around the world, tips and advice from other children and young adults who had relocated abroad, as well as going on to expand the number of countries we covered. In addition to this, we also partnered with many estate agents from around the world, securing the sales of thousands of properties in the process and helping our audience realise their dreams of living in another country.

The magazine was then sold in 2016 and then bought back in 2023 by the eldest daughter of the second owners and relaunched on the day her own daughter turned 3 months old, which also happened to be a big milestone because not only was it 16 years since she first left the UK to begin life overseas, she had now spent exactly half her life living abroad and half her life living in the UK.


It’s an honour to be the new CEO and editor-in-chief of Quest Magazine! I have so many exciting plans to combine old and new, in terms of following on with what readers have always loved about Quest, as well as keeping our content and platform fresh and user-friendly in order to represent a new generation of readers. As an entrepreneur, woman of the world, former expat child now raising my own child who will be raised between multiple countries, I hope you will enjoy following us on this new adventure to encourage you to get the most from your life and to pursue your dreams, while also making the world feel like a smaller, friendlier place! We have the best editors and experts onboard to provide you with helpful resources and advice to make your next travel, property or lifestyle move much easier and achievable. Most importantly, our stories are here to inspire yours. – Luisa Kearney, Editor-in-Chief & CEO

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