This is How Much the Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

This is How Much the Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

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Many celebrities and public figures earn an income from sponsored social media posts when it comes to celebrity influencers however, the Kardashians (and Jenners) are without a doubt the most notable of all. If you’ve ever wondered how much each member of the family earns from brand partnerships on social media then read on to find out how much the Kardashians earn per Instagram post and who earns the most money per sponsored post!


We know that the Kardashians earn a pretty buck from almost everything they put out into the world, including their Instagram posts. So we at Luisa And Co decided to undertake research to find out how much the Kardashians earn on Instagram and which member of the Kardashian/Jenner family earns the most from Instagram.  Our findings unveiled the Instagram influence hierarchy within the Kardashian family for the upcoming season of ‘The Kardashians.’ A thorough analysis of Instagram followers, engagement rates, and average likes for each cast member, facilitated by an Instagram marketing calculator, has exposed their potential earnings from sponsored Instagram posts.

This is How Much the Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

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This is How Much the Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

Kylie Jenner emerges as the preeminent influencer within the Kardashian clan. Boasting nearly 400 million Instagram followers, a commendable engagement rate of 0.60%, and an average of over 2.3 million likes per post, Kylie’s estimated earnings per sponsored post reach an impressive £697,405, solidifying her status as a dominant force in the realm of social media influence.

Kim Kardashian, another notable figure within the Kardashian family, commands a substantial following of 364,445,801 followers. While her engagement rate is slightly lower at 0.39%, her posts receive an average of approximately 1,405,930 likes. Despite experiencing a decline of 676,092 followers in the last 30 days, Kim’s estimated earnings per post remain substantial at £635,758, positioning her among the top influencers in the family.

Khloe Kardashian, with an impressive follower count of 312,041,076, maintains a notable presence on Instagram, despite her relatively lower engagement rate of 0.00%. Her posts typically garner an average of 41,370 likes, and in the last 30 days, Khloe gained 591,983 followers. Her estimated earnings per sponsored post stand at £503,198, underscoring her significance as a social media influencer within the Kardashian clan.

These findings illustrate the multifaceted nature of social media influence, wherein follower count, engagement rate, and post earnings all play pivotal roles. Each Kardashian family member brings a distinctive presence to the platform, contributing to the family’s collective impact on Instagram. Their adept leveraging of personal brands in the digital landscape has substantial financial implications through brand partnerships and sponsored content. Fans can anticipate the release of the new season of ‘The Kardashians’ on Disney Plus, scheduled for September 28th.

This is How Much the Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

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How Much Do the Kardashians Earn Per Sponsored Instagram Post?


Cast Member Insta Handle Insta Followers Engagement Rate Average Likes Followers gained in 30 days Estimated earnings per post (£)
Kendall Jenner kendalljenner 294,751,976 1.03% 3,015,810 -684,487 513,846
Kourtney Kardashian kourtneykardash 224,840,099 0.79% 1,773,300 386,657 391,981
Kylie Jenner kyliejenner 400,033,107 0.74% 2,958,960 1,049,000 697,405
Kim Kardashian kimkardashian 364,520,665 0.40% 1,484,840 -376,023 635,758
Khloe Kardashian khloekardashian 312,051,043 0.00% 41,370 591,983 503,198
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