5 Ways to Make Your Brand Appeal to Gen Z's

5 Ways to Make Your Brand Appeal to Gen Z’s

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Do you want your business to get the seal of approval from the Gen Z’s? Here are 5 ways to make your brand appeal to Gen Z’s, as well as why you should care what the Gen Z audience think of you!


The new generation, Gen Z, has dialed in (or rather texted in), and they don’t seem to have any immediate plans to cancel anyone. Phew! All jokes aside, it appears that the older generation might be feeling a bit perplexed and even somewhat threatened by Gen Z. It’s a tale as old as time, this generation gap. However, if we’re not careful, those uneasy feelings can morph into judgment, further driving a wedge between generations.

It’s high time we steer the conversation in a new direction. Gen Z is a diverse group, made up of various individuals and smaller demographic clusters, and their collective ideals are a mix of style and substance. Edelman, a research-focused entity, has made it their mission to comprehend the beliefs and opinions of this generation, and their findings reveal a depth and compassion in Gen Z that often goes unnoticed. If we lend an ear, we might just learn a thing or two from them.


Now, the big question: Why should Gen Z matter to you?

Well, Gen Zers, those born between 1997 and 2012, constitute a rapidly expanding portion of the retail market. This generation is vast, with over 2 billion members and wielding an estimated $360 billion in spending power. As Gen Zers come of age, they’re at the forefront of a significant transformation in the shopping landscape – a change that forward-thinking brands should not overlook.

Gen Z’s mode of communication may be unique, given that they are the first digital natives. However, they are far more approachable and amiable than stereotypes might suggest. And their values carry more weight than you might imagine.


How to Make Your Brand Appeal to Gen Z’s

Let’s dive into five areas that drive Gen Z, along with a handful of Gen Z lingo to add to your lexicon.

  1. Ethics

Gen Z stands firmly behind brands that prioritize their employees. The statistics back this up: 8 out of 10 Gen Zers consider how a company treats its employees a pivotal factor in their purchasing decisions. This means fair wages and humane working conditions for both those who create the products and those who sell them.

Gen Z shoppers are fervent supporters of ethical brands, and they’ll go out of their way to patronize retailers that go the extra mile in treating their workforce with respect.

  1. Safety

The unmentionable pandemic (and the often cringe-inducing responses to it by those in power) has only heightened Gen Z’s focus on safety. For retailers, this means that Gen Zers want to shop in secure stores and use products made from safe materials (think clean ingredients and natural dyes whenever feasible).

And for the data enthusiasts among us, 7 in 10 Gen Zers seek safety and security in their lives. 75% place a premium on activities with a lower risk of causing illness or injury, and 68% adjust their social circles to ensure a greater sense of safety. Falling short of making it into Gen Z’s inner circle? Well, that’s a significant blunder.

  1. Transparency

You can’t pull a fast one on Gen Z. They’ve grown up with the internet, and they wield its power for good. 7 in 10 of them will fact-check your claims and unfollow you if they perceive deceit or a cover-up.

This is why transparency is the golden ticket to Gen Z’s heart. If you earn their trust, you become an integral part of their circle.

  1. Financial Stability

After witnessing market crashes during their formative years and observing millennials grapple with challenges like housing affordability, college tuition, and the infamous avocado toast, Gen Z is deeply risk-averse when it comes to finances. In fact, a whopping 79% of Gen Zers consider financial stability a non-negotiable career goal.

This means high APRs and “buy now, pay later” offers raise suspicion, and banks that steer clear of overdraft fees and punitive debt cycles are more likely to win over Gen Z.

  1. Social Issues

The easiest way to earn Gen Z’s trust is to show that you care about the issues that affect us all, such as climate change, COVID-19, and social justice.

Brands have the reach, resources, and influence to drive change – change that Gen Z is adamant about seeing in the world. Naturally, brands that use their influence to take a stance on important issues will not only earn Gen Z’s wholehearted admiration but also their trust.

So, how can you connect with Gen Z?

From transparency to safety, it’s clear that Gen Z’s priorities are neither obscure nor superficial. They yearn for authenticity, kindness, and inclusivity. Brands that aim to capture this crucial market need to take these priorities seriously. To assist them in this endeavor, Edelman has compiled a report delving into how Gen Z is poised to reshape the retail landscape and the world.

Gen Z Glossary:

  • Stan (verb): To be an avid, devoted fan, to wholeheartedly love or support.
  • Big yikes (interjection): Describing something that is utterly cringe-worthy.
  • Fam (noun): An abbreviation for family, used to refer to close friends, your inner circle.
  • Sus (adjective): Suspicious or shady.
  • High-key (adjective): Signifying something to a great extent, very much, or extremely.
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