10 Top Websites that You Need for Your Business

10 Top Websites that You Need for Your Business

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There are so many websites out there that can help you with boosting your business however, so many people are unaware of them. So here is a list of the top websites that offer free or inexpensive tools to help you with your business and social media management.



With Canva you can create your own free memes and social media posts, as well as your own personalised Facebook cover photos and more! If you do choose to upgrade to the Pro version of Canva (we highly recommend doing so because it has so many perks for such an affordable price) then you can easily upgrade for just $10 per month.



Want to set up an online store? Although there are many amazing platforms out there, Shopify makes it easy for anybody to start their own online ecommerce business in next to no time. You don’t need to understand coding or know much about creating websites to start a Shopify store, which is why it’s a fantastic option for anybody looking to sell their own digital or physical products.



Buffer is excellent for scheduling posts on social media. Not everybody can be up and available to post at certain times on a daily basis but if you are not on the social media scene you are not making progress, so make sure you post regularly by scheduling them with this amazing app.



Confused over the whole hashtag thing? Not sure how to use them effectively for your business? I personally built and grew my followers (and business) for my first business primarily off using social media and hastags correctly. Although hashtags are not as important as they once were, using hashtags is a great way for new businesses to get found and grow a following if you’re just starting out. 10 Top Websites that You Need for Your Business



Hold a lot of conference calls? Zoom is a free and easy app to use that allows you to hold conference calls with up to 300 people. It’s great for face-to-face meetings, team catch-ups and recording interviews!


Quest Magazine

Our very own site for entrepreneurs, expats and globetrotters worldwide, offering you lots of advice and tips on business, marketing and everything you need! Don’t forget to check out job board too and sign up to our network!



Looking for stylish business wear? Perhaps you’re looking to give your makeup style an overhaul? Minnirella is the ultimate destination for all things fashion, makeup and skincare! Discover clothing and makeup in your brand colors or start building your Girlbossify work wardrobe today!



Wonder where to get decent printing done? VistaPrint is the best overall place to go! It offers a range of items and options at very reasonable prices and high quality.



When you are out and about using your laptop, tablet, phone then why not stick a label/cover on the back of them. Without realising, you will attract the interest of people around you as you are out and about using your devices and showing off your logo sticker on the back. Some people may even come up and ask you about your company and logo and the services you offer. They’re a fantastic conversation-starter and fun marketing tool!



Without seeing where we are going or seeing what is before us, moving forward is pretty tough indeed. This is why vision boards are such a great idea. Have a goal? Want a new car? Looking to save for a new house? Fancy splashing your cash on a shopping spree? Whatever your ideal life/short-term/long-term goals look like put them down on your vision board. Vision boards keep you moving forward and help you in touch with why you are doing what you are doing.

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