8 Top Tips on Being a Young Person in Business

8 Top Tips on Being a Young Person in Business

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I started out in business at the age of 16 and started my own business from scratch aged just 18. I know all about being a young person in business – the good and the bad. Although it can feel daunting to be a young person starting their entrepreneurial journey – especially if you’re a teenager as I was, young people have so much to offer. So if you’re in need of a few empowering words, here are my 8 top tips on being a young person in business:

  1. One of the most important tips and pieces of advice I would give to a young person in business is don’t worry about your age. So many young people try to act, look, dress and pretend that they are older. Don’t be tempted to lie about your age, refrain from acting much older than your age and shaking off any young characteristics that you have. There is a big difference between being a young, mature and responsible entrepreneur and trying too hard to fit in to the majority. Remember that your boss has hired you knowing full well how old you are and obviously does not have an issue with this so neither should you. In addition, your boss knows that as a younger person you will be able to bring something new to the team!
  2. Make the most of the fact that you were born in a new generation where technology is all around us and we have therefore become accustomed to it. Young people can be excellent in business because they have got networking down to a fine art. Due to the years you have spent at school, college, university or just on social media, you never know when you may need to use your networking skills or your networking acquaintances in business. (Note: bosses love this about hiring young people).
  3. Unless absolutely required, do not be the fresh faced 16 year old (or there about) dressed in a full suit, I mean the whole works with big shoulder pads and the lot! It can be tempting to try and dress older in order to be taken seriously but watch going too far, as you can end up with exactly the opposite effect. Your colleagues, clients and bosses may take you less seriously in fact if look as though you are a young person who has raided their parents’ wardrobe and are playing dress up, than if you were to dress in a smart and respectable way for your age.
  4. Rare but not to be ruled out – watch for bosses and clients who are reluctant to hire or promote you because of your age. Be observant of when it is just because you do not have the required amount of experience and when they are just discriminating against your age!
  5. It is true that there is so much that you have not done yet but remember that you also have so much time to do it and perfect it!
  6. If you are looking to create a career or business for life or at least for the foreseeable future then do something you love and not something you are just simply good at. When things get tough or when you have times when you feel less motivated (it’s normal), having a love for something will always make you push through, whereas not having it will leave you struggling.
  7. Debating over a few career paths? Go for the one that you can make a living at, but would still love doing in the worst circumstances and for the least amount of money because preparing yourself for the good and bad times is vital!
  8. When things are going well it is tempting to give everything you have and more to your work but remember to pace yourself. You should use your youth to inspire you so make sure that you have a youth.

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