How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography

How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography

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Over the years I’ve got asked a lot about the camera I use for my website or Instagram photography. I’ve experimented with a few different type of cameras, as well as editing tools and photography equipment to achieve the perfect shot. When it comes down to choosing the right camera for your blog or brand photography, there are a few things to consider before rushing out and buying something that you will never use. As a professional photo stylist, here are my top tips and advice on how to choose the right camera for your blog or brand photography.

How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography

I’m not a professional photographer but I am a professional photo and editorial stylist. For many years my job involved styling products and people for photoshoots. I know A LOT about photography styling and how to take a decent photo for blog posts, brand campaigns and product listings. As a professional stylist who has worked with brands, well known publications and individual clients, I’ve styled many people, as well as products for brand campaigns and editorials. Operating a camera and creating perfectly styled pictures are two very different topics though. I’m going to share with you a combination of tips for both to help you with getting started with photography for your creative business.

How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography?

The best camera to use is the camera that you can actually use! This means that it’s all good and well going and investing in a state of the art professional quality camera but if you can’t use it well, don’t expect miracles! A camera is only as good as the photographer behind it. I would highly recommend that you learn some basic photography skills to improve the level of your photography because images are highly important these days unlike when blogs first became “a thing”.

Ten years ago, as bloggers started to do their own photography with professional camera equipment, there was a bit of a stigma about using your mobile phone for taking blogging pictures. Admittedly, the quality of those pictures wasn’t perfect and therefore it was understandable that bloggers and their readers appreciated the clearer, better quality pictures produced with higher level cameras. However, Smartphones have come along way over the years and are getting better all the time. I know a couple of professional photographers and bloggers who have recently started to leave their photography equipment at home and now take just their phones instead!

Obviously there are big differences between professional level equipment and the average Smartphone and I’m not saying that they’re now practically the same. The point I am trying to make is that it is now becoming much easier for amateur photographers to create high quality images using the present options of a phone camera. Please do not feel forced to invest in a camera that you can’t or won’t use. Learn how to use your camera properly and use the camera that you can actually use well! Should you decide that you would like to invest in a professional level camera, make sure you do your research first. What size is best for you? How big or small are you willing to go? What features would you like?

How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography

Which Cameras Do I Use?

I’ve used quite a few different cameras throughout the years but nowhere near as many as other content creators and business owners. I will get on to the camera I am using at the moment but first, I will briefly talk you through the cameras I have used so far and my thoughts on them. When I first started Minnirella in 2014, I started using my iPhone for pictures before quickly moving on to the Sony DSCWX350 which is easy to use and produces excellent photos!

Then after enviously looking at all the stunning photography using DSLR cameras, I purchased the Canon 1200 and an EF-M 55-200mm zoom lens If you’re using a DSLR on auto mode, it’s quite easy to produce high quality images easily. If you explore manual mode, you will have to spend some time familiarising yourself with the settings before being able to create professional looking images. I loved my DSLR and my Sony camera. I used my DSLR for product photography, flatlay photography and brand collaborations and used my Sony camera when I was out and about.

Personally, I never got embarrassed whenever I pulled out my big DSLR camera in public to take a quick picture of my coffee or the restaurant interiors, but I know many bloggers who do. This is definitely something to consider before investing in a pricey DSLR camera. Another issue that many have with DSLRs is that they can be quite heavy and bulky. My Canon 1200 is one of the lightest DSLRs on the market but it is still far heavier and would take up much more room than my phone or compact Sony camera. So this is something to consider! Although both my Sony camera and Canon DSLR were great cameras and budget-friendly too, I quickly started to regret not getting a compact camera, such as a hybrid mirrorless camera which is what I use now.

How to Choose the Right Camera for Your Blog or Brand Photography

My Favourite Camera for Photography and Vlogging!

A few years ago, I decided to sell both my Sony and Canon cameras and instead, purchase the Canon EOS M200 which is my dream camera! It is the best camera i have used so far and I just love it. It’s small and compact and possesses much of the same quality and features as a DSLR. It has a handy flip-out touch screen and the quality of the photos is incredible. One of the reasons why I sold my Canon and Sony cameras was because I wanted a compact all-in-one camera that had the best of both my previous cameras’ features. My Canon EOS M200 has proven to be just what I was looking for. It doubles up as a brilliant vlogging camera, as well as producing clear, crisp, professional looking images.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your Smartphone to a better camera or if you’re looking for a compact camera that’s brilliant for video, photography and small enough to fit in your handbag (no bulky camera bags) then I’d highly recommend the Canon EOS M200! It’s available in black or white and silver. I originally would have preferred the white and silver but they only had black in stock when I purchased mine. Realistically, I am glad that I got the black though now because I imagine that the white could get dirty or show finger prints after time unless you get a camera case. Either way, this is such a smart, cute little camera that not only looks good but performs incredibly too!


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