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Is this the End of Netflix?

Last Updated: February 5, 2024By

After Netflix announced that they’d be cracking down on password sharing, there has been a dramatic surge in people searching Google for instructions on how to cancel their Netflix accounts! Is this the end of Netflix?

The analysis of Google search data indicates a remarkable spike of 2,939% in searches for ‘Cancel Netflix account’ in the United Kingdom on May 24. This surge in online interest comes as the popular streaming service implements its strategy to combat password sharing.

Netflix and chill

A recent study uncovered the exponential rise in searches for the term ‘Cancel Netflix account.’ The search volume surged by over 30 times the average since Netflix initiated the practice of emailing UK users who share passwords with individuals outside their households.

The emails sent by Netflix begin with a cautionary message: “Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with – your household.”

Simultaneously, searches for ‘Netflix password sharing’ saw a staggering increase of 1,469% as UK-based subscribers sought to understand the implications of the crackdown on their accounts.

Cancel Netflix subscription

Netflix has also taken steps to inform users about a monthly charge of £4.99 for sharing their accounts with individuals beyond their households, aiming to drive up its subscriber base.

However, the streaming giant’s efforts to restrict account and password sharing have had an unintended consequence—sparking a surge in interest among UK users to cancel their accounts.

Searches for ‘Cancel Netflix subscription,’ ‘Cancel Netflix,’ and ‘Delete Netflix’ in the UK skyrocketed by 2,400%, 753%, and 705%, respectively, in the past week, coinciding with Netflix’s announcement regarding the crackdown on password-sharing practices.

Netflix announced that they’d be cracking down on password sharing

According to research firm Digital-i, approximately 25% of Netflix’s 15 million UK subscribers share their passwords with others, as reported by The Guardian.

Although it is believed that Netflix’s recent actions to crack down on password sharing with friends and family outside of your household is to encourage more people to subscribe to the streaming platform, according to this recent data it seems to have had the opposite effect. It seems that users are not happy about this news, with so many customers looking to cancel their account completely. Although, this is hardly surprising when you factor in the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting so many UK households. It might just be that instead of incentivizing users to enrol in their own Netflix subscription instead of sharing with friends and family members, it might just be that many homes across the UK will simply cancel the service for good!

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