Tasting Craft Beers at Burgas Beer Festival

Tasting Craft Beers at Burgas Beer Festival

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I love spontaneous days out don’t you? Especially when they serve well as an occasion to stock up on Instagram-worthy pictures. Last weekend I went to the local Beer Festival to enjoy a day of sun, fresh air, walking and of course, testing unusual craft beers! It was a fantastic day, despite getting caught out in the rain and being photographed by the local press holding multiple glasses of beer (they weren’t all for me)! This is what my day looked like…

Tasting Craft Beers at Burgas Beer Festival

Craft Beer Tasting in Burgas

Over the past two years I have become a true fan of craft beers. At the Beer Festival I tried beers of varying types from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland and Ireland. There were dark beers with orange and chocolate segments. Dark coloured wheat beers. Live beers. Probiotic natural beers. Thick, rich beers that resembled desserts and were advised to consume with a spoon instead of drinking them from the glass! There was also a fruity beer that was more like a cider, containing ginger, elderflower and other natural flavourings.

Tasting Craft Beers at Burgas Beer Festival

A Fun Photography Session

It was also a great day for getting out and about with my camera. I didn’t lug my big DSLR out this time, instead taking my handy Sony compact (which I highly recommend) because it is more discreet and can be carried around easily in the pouch I wear around my neck! Walking around and taking some much needed downtime helped me to reconnect with my surroundings and freed up my mind for some creative time! If you’ve lived in the same place for a while, it can get pretty boring in terms of the type of photographs and backdrops available to you. However, looking up above eye level, above buildings in streets and being consciously more aware of what’s around you can unveil a wealth of new photo-worthy places!

Tasting Craft Beers at Burgas Beer Festival

ALCOHOPOLY: Monopoly for Beer Fans!

Have you heard of Alcohopoly? No, me neither until last weekend! The event organisers were selling a huge, life-sized game called Alcohopoly. Similar to Monopoly but instead of being issued financial sanctions or rewards, you get alcohol! Don’t think I will be trying that one, so I took a photo instead.

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