What to Do When Someone Unfollows You

Unfollowed, Unfazed, Unstoppable: What to Do When Someone Unfollows You

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Have you noticed that certain individuals have stopped following you? Maybe you know them well. Maybe you’ve never met but believed them to be loyal fans. Either way, these are my top tips for what to do when someone unfollows you.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you visit someone’s Instagram account, knowing they used to follow you on Instagram or another social media platform, only to discover that they have now unfollowed you?

Alternatively, perhaps you’ve received one of those bothersome updates from your email subscription list, informing you of the number of people who have unsubscribed from your content. (59 people left mine last Friday, in case you’re curious!)

Or maybe, on a more disheartening note, you’ve actually received a message from someone explaining why they decided to unfollow you. (Personally, I find those messages quite intriguing.)

Regardless of the situation, it can be unsettling when someone chooses to disconnect from us, even if we have never met them in person or if they don’t truly know us on a deep level. It feels like rejection, and it’s not a pleasant experience.

what to do when someone unfollows you

What to Do When Someone Unfollows You

Allow me to remind you: keep doing what you love doing if you truly enjoy it.

It’s natural to desire the approval of everyone, but it’s actually counterproductive when you’re bravely expressing yourself to the world.

If your art doesn’t repel anyone, then you’re not making much noise at all.

Here’s my approach when 20 people leave my subscription list or when someone informs me that they disliked my latest Facebook post, resulting in them ceasing to read or unfollowing me on Instagram: I ask myself, do I genuinely love what I’m doing?

Do I feel incredibly passionate when I create every day?

Am I proud of the work I put out into the world?

Do I believe that I’m making a meaningful impact on the right audience?

I am happy with the level of community support or customer experience I provide?

Because, ultimately, that’s all that matters. If you’re thriving, having fun, embracing creative challenges, achieving financial success, and feeling content, then you must let go of the other things.

Your energy, content, work, or art may make some people uncomfortable. But remember, those individuals aren’t your target audience.

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