What is Quiet Luxury and Why is it Trending Right Now

What is Quiet Luxury and Why is it Trending Right Now?

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New research has found that searches for ‘quiet luxury,’ ‘stealth wealth,’ and ‘old money style’ have skyrocketed by 684, 990, and 874 percent at the same time Succession season four began. But what is “quiet luxury” and why is trending right now?


What is Quiet Luxury?

As we eagerly await the release of the new Barbie movie by lusting over the “Barbie Pink,” “Barbiecore” and “balletcore” aesthetic, there is another fashion trend having a moment right now and that is “quiet luxury.” Quiet luxury is basically a new and updated approach to the minimalist trend we saw a few years ago. This time around, this minimalist style focuses more on high quality, investment pieces and a carefully curated closet. Quiet luxury, also referred to as “stealth wealth” or “old money style” means classic tones, subtle logos and enduring style.


Quiet luxury is all about prioritising high quality, investment pieces by carefully curating a closet full of timeless items that will stand the test of time.


Why is Quiet Luxury Trending Right Now?

Although many of the terms used to describe this look revolve around the terms “wealth” and “luxury”, this manner of dressing isn’t necessarily about pricey purchases. We’re seeing a shift in what it means for fashion to be classed as luxury. Rather than luxury being about high-end, expensive garments, it now defines consumer values, appearance, how the clothing makes you feel and whether or not the item will still be relevant in 1, 5, 10 years time. It’s that sophisticated balance of a harmonious colour palette, practicality and longevity. The true meaning of luxury is different for each individual, it could be finding a coat that fits right, buying into a brand you trust and support, or discovering flattering fabrics. Either way, the emphasis is on more informed buying decisions and feeling at peace with where you spend your money.


  • Google searches for ‘quiet luxury,’ ‘stealth wealth,’ and ‘old money style’ have skyrocketed by 684, 990, and 874 percent at the same time Succession season four began
  • Trends for all three search terms skyrocketed the same week Succession season four began airing
  • Sarah Snook’s character, Shiv Roy, has the most influential fashion in Succession, with over 3,240 estimated monthly searches for her style


Succession season four is underway and has already brought some of TV’s biggest moments this year. It has also brought subtle and not-so-subtle fashion moments to our screens (NB: ludicrously capacious bag).

quiet luxury trend

‘Stealth wealth’ or ‘quiet luxury’ has become one of the breakout fashion trends of 2023, thanks largely to the recent shift to more low-key designer collections, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial in Utah, which recently swept the internet, and shows such as Succession, which depicts the super-wealthy in well-made designer clothing with minimal branding.

What is "Quiet Luxury" What is "Quiet Luxury" What is "Quiet Luxury"

Since season four of Succession began, Google searches for ‘quiet luxury’ have skyrocketed 684% to an all-time high. ’Stealth wealth’ and ‘old money style’ searches have also surged by 990% and 847% to an all-time high during the first week of the new season (26 Mar-1 Apr), Google Trends data reveals.

This led fashion experts at Karen Millen to find, using Google search data, which professional women on TV receive the highest number of combined monthly searches for fashion, hair, and makeup-related terms.

Shiv Roy’s style in Succession is the most influential, based on an estimated 3,240 monthly searches. Shiv Roy’s clothing, hair, and makeup are the highest of any Succession character and any corporate woman in a running TV show.

Quiet luxury trend

Shiv’s most popular search term is ‘Shiv Roy outfits,’ which is made an estimated 1,180 times monthly, according to Google search data. Shiv’s clothing is the most Googled aspect of her style, racking up 2,040 searches, almost three in five.

The most popular fashion-related searches include ‘Shiv Roy dress,’ with Google Trends revealing the highest-trending searches were for her wedding dress (S1E10), followed by the Chiara Boni blue floral halter neck dress worn (S3E08), and finally, the black backless turtleneck by Gabriela Hearst (S2E3).

Pants (particularly high-waisted pants) and suits are some of the most searched aspects of Shiv’s style, followed by jewellery, accessories, and hair.

quiet luxury trend

A spokesperson for Karen Millen commented on the findings: “Succession has brought some major fashion moments to our screens. The ‘quiet luxury’ trend has become popular with some key moments in 2023. There has been a consumer shift, focusing less on wearing branded pieces (logomania) and instead on the cut, design, and quality of clothing. The trend has gained steam with the coverage of the Paltrow ski trial and noticeable change on the catwalk and red carpets where necklaces disappeared. The quality of the garment should do the talking, not the brand’s logo. TV shows like Succession feature wealthy characters wearing chic clothing but without the obvious designer tags that we’re used to seeing. These characters feel no need to flaunt which brand they’re wearing.

Our data shows Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook, has the most influential style of the cast after receiving over 3,000 monthly searches. Shiv’s fashion is the most influential of any corporate woman in a running TV show. Google Trends shows that Shiv’s dresses are the most popular, with her wedding dress being the highest-trending look since the show began. As season four unfolds, it will be fascinating to see how each character’s wardrobe evolves with their stories”.


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