4 Typical Barriers Hindering Your Content Creation

4 Typical Barriers Hindering Your Content Creation

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Posting content might appear straightforward, but it’s genuinely more challenging than many believe. Within the creative industry, there’s a common misconception that creators constantly and effortlessly churn out content. However, based on my interactions with our clientele, it’s clear there are numerous psychological barriers preventing them from doing so, even when aware of the potential business benefits.

4 Typical Barriers Hindering Your Content Creation

If you relate to this, rest assured, you’re not the only one. Many of the influencers you admire and view as content leaders also encounter such mental hurdles occasionally. Below, I’ve highlighted several prevalent barriers and provided insights on how to tackle them.


4 Typical Barriers Hindering Your Content Creation


Fear of Rejection Alter your viewpoint: Instead of viewing lack of immediate response as rejection, redefine what success means to you. Begin modestly: Share your creations with a tighter-knit, appreciative group initially. As you garner positive responses, you’ll gain the courage to reach a broader audience. Separate from end results: Centre your energy on the joy of crafting content rather than the reception it will get, lessening potential stress over negative feedback.


PROBLEM: Limited Resources. SOLUTION: Rank your tasks


Arrange your content-related activities and tackle them by order of their potential to generate revenue. Address tasks individually to avert feeling swamped. Establish feasible objectives: Reflect on your actual available time and effort. We often ask our clients about the time they can dedicate weekly to content creation, and the reality is often less than their initial estimate. Set realistic milestones to avoid exhaustion. Delegate or subcontract: When feasible, assign specific tasks or think about contracting out tasks that aren’t directly creative or income-generating to allow more freedom for your creative endeavours.


PROBLEM: Distracted Concentration. SOLUTION:Establish a favourable workspace


Adapt your working area to reduce interruptions. Silence notifications and fashion a distinct space conducive for creativity. Apply time management strategies: Consider methods like the Pomodoro Technique (25 minutes of concentrated work followed by a 5-minute rest) to augment concentration and efficiency. Promote mindfulness: Participate in exercises promoting mindfulness to refine your capacity to remain engaged and centred on your current task.

4 Typical Barriers Hindering Your Content Creation

PROBLEM: Requiring a Mental Reframe. SOLUTION: Acknowledge setbacks


Understand that stumbling blocks are inherent in the journey of progression. Viewing failures as learning curves is key to personal development. Exercise self-kindness: Display compassion and patience towards yourself, particularly when faced with obstacles. This attitude can help alleviate self-induced stress.

It’s pivotal to remember that navigating these issues is a continuous journey. Stay kind to yourself and don’t hesitate to lean on friends, guides, or specialists for assistance. Every measure you take in confronting these mental barriers aids your personal and professional advancement.


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