A Visit to Bruges

A Visit to Bruges

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Looking for a place to visit in Belgium this summer? Why not visit the much loved Belgian city of Bruges?! Bruges is situated in the North West of Belgium. It is the biggest city of the Flanders region of Belgium and is also the capital of the region too. Being situated in the Flanders region means that the official language of the province is Flemish. Bruges is well known for being a Medieval city and boasts a lot of historical charm. This city has a look of its own and although it is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”, it has it’s own style and is very unique.

A Visit to Bruges


The total population of Bruges is approximately 120, 000 (which includes the suburban areas too). As well as having quite a large population, Bruges is also a very population destination with tourists who want to enjoy a look at what this magnificent city has to offer. If you are not planning to stay in Bruges for a long stay, then be careful to plan out your time so that you can make sure that you have seen everything in time before you leave. You will need more than a day to see and do everything in Bruges, as it is possible just to spend a full day in the city centre of Bruges its self!

A Visit to Bruges


What to do?

Historical Centre of Bruges

A visit to the Historical Centre of Brugge is definitely well worth it. It is suitable for all ages and gives you the chance to explore the best features of the city. Here, there is something for everyone, including activities for children of all ages as well as things for the adults to enjoy too. You will get to explore the Market centre, the churches, palaces, famous old buildings and don’t forget to stop at one of the waffle stalls for a special Belgian waffle! Many consider this to be something out of a fairytale because of it’s cobbles streets and spectacular scenery. The Historical Centre is best seen on foot or if you prefer, you may go by bike, as there are plenty of bike paths around the area.

A Visit to Bruges

Bruges Ballooning

Fancy taking a trip in a hot air balloon? Well Bruges Ballooning will give you the chance to see Bruges by hot air balloon. There are two available trips throughout the day where you can take a trip on a hot air balloon and enjoy the views. The hot air balloon ride runs for an hour at both ends of the day and takes you all across the city, where you will be able to admire the views from above. A hot air balloon ride, such as this one, makes a very memorable experience and is perfect for a special occasion or even just as a treat on your holiday.

A Visit to Bruges

Eating Out

There are many top quality restaurants all over Bruges, so you will certainly not have any difficulty finding somewhere to wine and dine after a long day of sightseeing. Two of the most popular and best rated restaurants in town would be “Bittersweet” and also “Park Restaurant”. Bittersweet is suitable for both adults and children. There is a good variety of food on the menu and at a low price too. If you do happen to take a trip to Bittersweet, do not leave until you have tried their heavenly hot chocolate and waffles, because they are rated very high!

Park Restaurant is a very popular restaurant and is more suited for lunch time eating or in the evening. The Park restaurant is reasonably priced and makes a good place for eating out on a special occasion or if you want to have a lovely evening. There is an excellent choice of food that is of great quality and also has a very good wine menu too.

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