Editor's Letter | January 2024

Editor’s Letter | January 2024

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Welcome to our new and updated Quest Magazine

Our journey begins here on this day some 16 years ago. As our daughter turns three months old today, half her life ago we embarked upon our first overseas travel together. Whereas half my life ago on this day, I moved abroad for the first time and so today marks half of my life living in the UK and half my life living in other countries.
If you had told me back then on that rainy January morning back in 2008, that in the years to follow, I’d go on to set up several successful businesses, not to mention selling two and then buying them back a few years later, making my home at the beach my office, establishing friendships with some of the most affluent names in the business, fashion and entertainment industry, launching my own fashion and beauty brand, becoming a mother, and generally getting to live а life I love on my own terms, I’d have said: ” That sounds great, but I have no idea where I’d even start!”
Well taking that leap of faith and heading off on this adventure was the start! And in case you’re wondering, no, living abroad and traveling does not make any of this stuff easier! In fact, had I have stayed in the UK all this time, I could have done the same for three times less money and possibly four times faster, along with convenient access to credit cards, mortgages and bank loans. However, everyone’s story is unique and with the new and updated Quest Magazine, you’ll discover new ways to get the most out of your life through inspiration and support to live fearlessly, create a life by design, whether that’s adventure, travel, relocating, a new career or fulfilling, unconventional living. If your 20s are all about figuring out what you want from life then your 30s and beyond are about creating a legacy.
Last year, shortly before buying back this family run business, which my parents bought as an established five-year-old magazine in 2010, I had been considering turning some of these stories into a book. Then the opportunity to buy back Quest appeared in front of me, which is when I realised that life is a breathing, moving thing and shouldn’t be confined to the constraints of a book – even though I love books! Across the internet and in newsagents, you’ll find tonnes of magazines on travel and lifestyle from those who have dipped their toes into a different way of life but only at Quest will you find real-life stories and expert advice from people who have catapulted into adventure and made it work for them. We’re a diverse, people-centric, judgment-free zone, where you really can have it all.
“You can have it all, but you can’t do it all!” – Michelle Pfeiffer
As the editor in chief and CEO, I am very involved in the content that gets shared in the pages of Quest to ensure that we’re delivering nothing less than excellence, which is why every editor, every expert involved in putting together our magazine is not only here to offer you a taste of wanderlust, but is actually inviting you into a world of opportunity, positivity, luxury living and freedom. We’re less about escapism because we’re not building lives to escape from. Instead, we’re your inspiration and guide to make your dreams a reality by embracing everyday enjoyment!
 Bon voyage,

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