Are Multi-Hyphen Careers the Secret to a Happier Life and Job Satisfaction

Are Multi-Hyphen Careers the Secret to a Happier Life and Job Satisfaction?

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  1. Are multi-hyphen careers the secret to a happier life and job satisfaction? Or does it just highlight the fact that we haven’t yet found a career we truly love? We discuss the rise in the multi-hyphen way of working and who it’s for.


“Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!”

Are Multi-Hyphen Careers the Secret to a Happier Life and Job Satisfaction?

If you’re lucky enough to find your passion in life and develop it into a fulfilling career that you adore then that’s fantastic but what about if you struggle to find that one thing that you’re passionate about? We’re expected to have it all figured out by the time we leave school. There is no deadline on figuring out your ideal career path but if you’ve come to realise that there isn’t just one perfect role for you then this is where a multi-hyphen career comes into the equation. Instead of spending your time doing a job you hate until you decide upon the right career, a multi-hyphen career offers you the freedom to diversify your income and add variation to the projects you work on.

the Multi-Hyphen method

The way we work has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. There was a time when people went to work and kept the same job for the entirety of their working lives. Fast forward to now and the professional scene looks wildly different. Freelancing millennials have even carved a new label to best describe their careers, known as ‘The Multi-Hyphen Career’.

A multi-hyphen career is most popular among freelancers who prefer not to tie themselves down to one job title, instead juggling numerous interests and career titles simultaneously. There are many reasons for why you might want to pursue a multi-hyphen career and equally as many benefits.

the Multi-Hyphen method


Read the book: The Multi-Hyphen Method here


The classic phrase “a job for life” doesn’t really apply to the majority of industries anymore, which is why freelancing and running your own business is no longer considered the riskier option. Instead, people are switching to freelancing careers, which afford them flexible working hours, independence and variation in their work.

What is a Multi-Hyphen Career?

So what is a multi-hyphen career exactly? A multi-hyphen career is a job that can’t be described with just one title. If for example, you’re a blogger, podcaster and author then you will label yourself as such: blogger-podcaster-author, rather than simply referring to yourself as just one. This is why this method is perfect for those who are unable to narrow down a single career route. You get to spend enough time doing a few different things you enjoy doing without committing yourself enough that you get bored or tired of that particular industry.

We live in an age now where the internet is an essential part of our everyday lives. The internet and social media enable us to work from wherever, whenever, and we can even earn money from our Smartphones. It makes sense to explore new work options and switch our focus when the time is right. Plus, the internet also makes it easy for a person to develop new skills and network with a broader audience.

Are Multi-Hyphen Careers the Secret to a Happier Life and Job Satisfaction

In the online world, many jobs no longer require professional qualifications but rather dedication and a thorough interest in that topic. Take blogging for example, the blogging industry has taken over traditional media over the last 15 years, yet bloggers are not required to acquire any formal writing qualifications or a degree in journalism. Now more than ever, it’s easy to balance multiple creative careers without running the risk of looking unprofessional. There was a time when having multiple job titles gave people the impression that you would “have a go” at anything but weren’t really a master of any one role in particular.


It’s funny how times change. Today, we encourage people to diversify their income and gather as many skills under their belt as possible. In some cases, you can even merge two or more of your skills into a specialist niche, which sets you apart from your competitors thanks to your USP.

Are Multi-Hyphen Careers the Secret to a Happier Life and Job Satisfaction

How Do Multi-Hyphen Careers Lead to a Happier Work Life?

Multi-hyphen careers give you the freedom to be flexible with the projects you accept and how much time you choose to invest in any one of your job roles. Do you have times when you feel like doing more of one thing than another? With a multi-hyphened career you can. You can shift your focus to taking on more writing tasks for instance and less graphic design projects if that’s where your mood takes you. One of the huge benefits for the majority of multi-hyphened individuals is the multiple income streams.


If and when a role doesn’t resonate with you any longer, you can simply leave it behind and move on to your new passion. It’s also acceptable to change the job titles that make up your multi-hyphened status.

Look around and you will notice that many small business owners and freelancers have already adopted the multi-hyphened method. If you’re feeling in a career rut maybe it’s an option you might want to try for yourself. To find out more about the multi-hyphen method and how it can work for you, read the book: The Multi-Hyphen Method here.



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