Eco Friendly Timber Frame Homes

Eco Friendly Timber Frame Homes

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Ever considered buying a home built from a timber frame?

Well this is exactly what a company in Bulgaria is doing and they are receiving a huge amount of attention and good reviews along the way.
Global Structures LTD has been operating since 2003.They are utilising state of the art modern technology to bring eco friendly, high quality affordable properties to people who are already or intending to invest in the Bulgarian property market.
They provide wooden structures, produce, deliver and erect timber frame homes . The advantage of timber frame houses is that the builder may proceed with internal and external affairs immediately after the erection of the kit , this method leads to quicker completion times, hence saving valuable time and money.

Why Timber Frames?
Timber frame structure is one of the oldest methods of construction in the world with very real benefits for the modern building.
Timber frame construction in the UK , Ireland and other countries is based on factory-made structural elements. The timber framed wall panels carry the loads on the building to the foundations whilst the outer wall provides decoration and weather protection. The outer wall is a matter of choice; it can be brick, stone or lightweight claddings, such as timber boarding, tile hanging or render.

Energy Efficient
Everybody understands that the fuel economy of a car is measured in “miles per gallon” (MPG). The higher the number of miles per gallon the more fuel energy efficient the car is. However when it comes to the thermal performance of a building how do we do it ? The phrase used to express thermal performance of a building is the U – Value. Except in the case of U -Values , the lower the U-Value the more energy efficient the building should be. These values are a legal requirement by law and enforced through the building regulations. However in many cases these theoretical calculations are not being achieved. The main reason for this is a phenomenon known as “thermal looping”.

Proper sealing of air gaps is


paramount for a structure to perform to its calculated U-Value. This can be easily achieved in Timber Frame Construction, as the insulation is fitted tightly in between the studs, leaving no air gaps. This ensures an airtight fit between insulation and the timber frame. The golden rule to remember when it comes to thermal looping is that “GAPS IN THE INSULATION , DOUBLE THE HEAT LOSS”

Come and See for yourself
Global Structures LTD invites everyone to an open house in the village of Basarbovo , just 10 min away from Rousse. November 27 and 28 (saturday and sunday ) they will be happy to show everyone their latest build house .

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