How to Win Your Client in 60 Seconds

How to Win Your Client in 60 Seconds

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Research was carried out to find out how long it takes to win the interest of your potential client and the answer was short yet true: 60 seconds.

If you are unable to see the logic behind this then do what I recommend everybody should do when trying to get into the minds of a (potential) client – put yourself in their shoes. You don’t have to imagine that you were a client considering using the services offered by your company, but instead imagine that you were visiting a shop with the hope to buy a particular item. From the time at which you enter a new shop, you glance around and maybe look at a few items, shelves, price tags etc. and within around 60 seconds you have made up your mind not only about the shop, but also about the prices, the staff, the items they sell, the type of shop, value for money, quality and so on. The same applies to new clients being introduced to your business for the first time, no matter whether they are entering your office, shop, visiting your site, your social networking page or receiving an information pack from you, you have 60 seconds to inform (either directly or indirectly) them of what they need to, want to and must know.

So, with that said what do you want your potential client to see and learn within this crucial 60 seconds? How would you like your client to see your prices, services, quality, business and service type, and of course how would you like them to see you?! Is your product/service/business directed more to just one gender or to a specific age range even though you are trying to attract both male and female clients and clients of all age groups? What can you do to defer a potential client from feeling that your services are aimed too much towards somebody else?

Those 60 seconds are make or break and are vital to win the interest and work of your client, so use them wisely!

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