Should You Move Abroad

Should You Move Abroad?

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Most people around the world nowadays know at least 1 person or a family that have made the brave decision to leave their homeland to go off and experience life in a new territory. Today’s modern technology makes the world so much more easily accessible than previously, and people are more fortunate to be able to sample other cultures simply by affordable holiday travel alone.

Should You Move Abroad


No doubt this chance we are given enables us to think of ourselves living where we think “the grass is greener”  . There is nothing wrong with this, if you are the type to try a new life out, go for it. The decision will undoubtedly shock friends and family, because after all, leaving them behind, causes much sadness for all involved.

The idea is often followed up with research via Relocation TV programs, internet access, books and magazines. There is an abundance of information out there to be studied at your finger tips, to help you do as much homework as possible. Remember you are not the first and you definitely will not be the last when taking the plunge and buying a property and heading off to new pastures to sample a new beginning.
Expats young and old will either love or hate what they encounter in their new life, but whatever the conclusion of the move is that at least
you tried it and it is an experience will always stay with you.

Who Moves Abroad?

Retired people who have spent a lifetime dominated by work and possibly raising a family relishing a future of  idyllic bliss testing new waters away from routine, and a well deserved time for them to seek new hobbies and projects that previously were not an option.
Not forgetting worldwide economic issues and younger people not having the finance to buy in their home country and looking for a more affordable location. A slower laid back lifestyle perhaps appeals for most especially whilst raising a young family or simply going it alone. Although still a gamble for the younger generation of expats, this often goes with a feeling of desperation  of having nothing to lose and taking the risk, because after all nobody knows what life has around the corner and for many the gamble pays off, if you want it bad enough.
Children who have moved to experience a new culture in a new country often settle in better than their parents because of school and inquisitive locals wanting to find out about the newcomers. Being younger they are able to grasp the language easier and faster than those that are older.

If you come under any of these categories a question that always crops up is: Did the move turn out how you thought it would? Was life in a new country what you expected it to be? Or missing home and family just too much?

Also from all the homework you did to move country, did at any time you feel you some of the countries were put on a pedal stool and prices were not actually as affordable as you thought.  Everybody’s situations are different, and that’s what makes the world go
round, but the one thing I have learnt by experiencing living in another country is for all the highs and lows I am proud to have taken the
challenge and tried a new life. I did not want to get too old for it to be possible and say “I wish I had moved abroad when I was younger”…

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