The Best Ways to Find a Reputable Translator

The Best Ways to Find a Reputable Translator

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If you are an individual or even a company that does not require or deal with translation services on a regular basis you may find that locating a reputable translator may be a minefield. It can be difficult to find a reputable professional that will suit your needs, which is why doing a little bit of research beforehand can help to save you a poor translation, hassle and frustration later on.

When looking for a professional and reputable translator, it is worth checking out a few of the sites listed below in order to ensure that you find a translator who will meet your requirements and will not let you down. The difference between hiring a translator listed and/or who has registered on one of these sites is that they will have either have had to pay or have received good reviews from past clients in order to have gained a listing on these websites, which proved that they are not just simply a fly-by-night.

Proz is a very good website for finding professional linguists, as in order to become a full member the translators and interpreters must pay an annual fee. In addition, by checking the Blue Board, you will be able to find a translator or other type of linguist who has good reviews from their past or regular clients and you can also eliminate hiring a linguist who has received poor reviews too. As a rule, a linguist with an overall review level of 4.5 or less may not be the most trustworthy and reliable individual or company to work with.

Payment Practices

Payment Practices is similar to Proz in the way that you can read reviews on translators, interpreters and companies offering linguistic services. This site also proves an excellent source for translators too so that they can ensure that their new/potential client has a good reputation for paying their translators.


Consult a Professional Institution

You could also search for a professional and approved translator on the website directory of a professional linguistic institution that deals mainly with registered translators in your country/on your continent. For e.g. the UK’s two main institutions are:
And for the USA –

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